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  we get you settled abroad.

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What if moving abroad became as easy as child's play?

Whether you are a young professional, an investor, a student, a single mother, a retiree, an entrepreneur, or an artist, we have all had - at one time or another - the same questions intertwined in our minds:


Where to start? Where to go?  Whom should I trust? How will I work? What alternatives are available to me? How do I build a large-scale project in an unknown country? What bureaucratic issues will I have to deal with? How do I get to my destination and finally settle down?


Since I too have navigated this inner debate (on several occasions), I would like to offer you an immediate boarding for the adventure to which each of you aspires; we will be delighted to provide you with some answers along with solutions.


Hello, I am Julia and I understand your challenges just as much as I share your goals.

I founded VOA BR in 2019 as a way to put my skills to work for those who, like me, are driven to build their lives beyond their native borders. Being multilingual from my time abroad, I guide future expatriates from all over the world, using each of my experiences as a personal and professional incentive.

Backed by a large and diverse partner network, we all share the same priority: ensuring the smoothest possible departure for each and every one of you while providing you with the necessary tools for an organised and successful relocation.

In March 2020, VOA's project took off as a team, providing important support to individuals as well as small investors relocating to Brazil. Unexpectedly, our scope of services broadened as we became sought after for a much wider variety of relocation needs. We then quickly specialized in crafting personalized moves for individuals not just to Brazil but also to France, Ireland and the UK. From small businesses to entire families, our clientele became extremely diverse as our community started growing.

Today, we operate as a 'one-stop-shop’ offering seamless moves to all our destinations. Our extensive network of trusted partners, coupled with our dedicated and human-sized team of legal expert, account managers and customer service professional, ensures that every aspect of your relocation is handled by specialists. Each team member brings expertise to guide people through the life-changing experience of an international move with care, empathy and dedication, whether it involves a professional relocation within a company or arises from the individual's own initiative.

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Voa BR reduces your workload, embraces diversity, saves you time and plans your success. As the architects of a whole new way of relocating, we deliver a tailor-made support package: It is no longer a matter of adapting to the existing possibilities, but rather adapting them to you! We add up the full sum of your expectations, circumstances, skills and targets in order to make the most of your potential, create a relevant path for you and, above all, get you to your final destination.

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24/24 Assistance

Comprehensive support: Find everything your need in one place

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We handle our cases in the most proficient and timely manner possible, in close cooperation with the relevant agencies and professionals.


Our services are open and accessible to all, scalable and tailored to the possibilities, circumstances and ambitions of everyone.


Thanks to our experience, we approach and develop each of your projects with listening, empathy and proximity.


Access to reliable sources, our expertise and our continuous update of information guarantee the performance of our operations.


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